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MED-SUV 2nd year meeting

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The 2nd Year Meeting of MED-SUV was hosted in Naples between 6 and 9 July 2015. The first day was devoted to the discussion of specific themes – dissemination, e-infrastructure, and ground deformation - cross-cutting the work package organization of the MED-SUV community, as well as to the WP4 meeting. The themes were debated in splinter meetings that were arranged in the INGV Osservatorio Vesuviano and CNR-IREA place. The main results of the splinter meetings regarded i) initiatives to open the MED-SVU ground deformation community to an international framework (e.g., AGU meeting and session), ii) the detailed planning of the e-infrastructure implementation and the presentation of the proto-portal, and iii) initiatives to promote the participation of the MED-SUV consortium to the dissemination activities and to improve the impact of the project outside the consortium.

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Painting of the 1779 Vesuvious eruption. Jakob Philipp Hackert

The proper meeting took place in the conference centre of the maritime station of Naples between 7 and 8 July. Similarly to the 1st year meeting, the schedule of the two days included the presentation and discussion of the work packages’ RTD activities and results, as well as of the dissemination and management activities. During the two days, management activities – i.e. Executive Committee meetings, General Assembly and Advisory Board meeting – were also carried out. Particularly, this year the participation of the Advisory Board members was quite fruitful ; they provided the consortium valuable comments and suggestions, especially for what concerns the implication of the project achievements and the future sustainability of the MED-SUV community after the end of the project. Overall the meeting gave the opportunity to meet up and put together participants of different work packages, who could friendly discuss of scientific issues or simply chat during the lunch time and coffee break, as well as during the poster sessions and the social dinner of the 7 July evening.

Programme :

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On 9 July, a fieldtrip to Vesuvius and a visit to the Osservatorio Vesuviano museum were scheduled. During the fieldtrip Mauro Di Vito (researcher at Osservatorio Vesuviano) showed the participants the main geologic features of Vesuvius as well as some permanent instrumentation belonging to the INGV monitoring system. The fieldtrip offered the opportunity to discuss issues related to the volcanic hazard assessment and implication for the risk at Vesuvius by making comparison with other hazardous volcanic areas. The day closed with the visit at the historical building of the Osservatorio Vesuviano, which is nowadays an INGV museum and a conference site.

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